Essay on water pollution for class 5

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Essay on Water Pollution

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Water Pollution: Essay on Water Pollution (3817 Words)

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Essay on “Pollution” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

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When The Mermaids Cry: The Great Plastic Tide

Essay on Water Pollution. Water covers two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, with over 97% present in the oceans and less than 1% in freshwater streams and lakes.

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It is also recommended to workout schedule for playing and studying. Water Pollution and Drinking Water Quality - All around the world, countries are fighting to keep their drinking water clean.


Whether it’s streams, rivers, or lakes, countries have taken great measures to maintain high quality drinking water for both human consumption and animal consumption.

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Essay on water pollution for class 5
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Water Pollution: Essay on Water Pollution ( Words)