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Emile Durkheim – Division of Labor

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Durheim's Theories, Mechanistic and Organic Solidarity

As part of his theory of the development of societies in, The Division of Labour in Society (), sociologist Emile Durkheim characterized two categories of societal solidarity: organic and Durkheim determined that there are two types of solidarity: organic and mechanical.

Mechanical solidarity refers to solidarity found in smaller, pre-industrialized and/or un-industrialized societies. Some of the areas which Emile Durkheim’s discussed were the anomie, division of labour, suicide, religion and mechanical and organic solidarity (Macdonald, ).

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Emile Durkheim believed that mechanical solidarity was based on moral consensus which traditional societies are And this is what called “organic solidarity”, comparing to the early stages of society in which each person presented similar roles- mechanical solidarity (Ritzer, p.


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According to Durkheim, he believed that societies had “collective conscience” that kept society in orders and individual In this essay I will discuss the differences between mechanical and organic solidarity.

Solidarity is the loyalty and general agreement between all the people in a group or between different groups because they all have a shared In his earlier work, Durkheim stated that strong systems of common belief characterize mechanical solidarity in primitive types of society, and that organic solidarity, resulting from the progressive increase in the division of labor and hence increased mutual dependence, needed fewer common beliefs to tie members to this › Home › Coursework › Coursework e › Emile Durkheim.

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