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But he did strike back at Hemingway in his memoir, Papa (), which expressed his sense of tragic betrayal and made a cruel judgment of the god that failed. I first interviewed Gregory in Bozeman, Montana, in May Memoirs of Hemingway: the Growth of A Legend By Jeffrey Meyers.

ISSUE: Autumn the Papa legend undermined the literary reputation and exposed the underlying fissure between the two Hemingways: the private artist and the public spectacle.

Gregory Hemingway’s memoir, though more intelligent, participates in the debunking. Part memoir, part history, part assortment of anecdotes, Jeff Day's "In Search of Hemingway's Meadow" is a compelling collection of essays.

Reflecting on his experiences while camping and fishing along the Fox River, (probably Hemingway's actual "Two-Hearted" river in Michigan's UP), the author interweaves threads from the life of Hemingway with his personal observations.

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He felt the spirit and struggle of them deeply, and represented them in his novels and essays. His life was spent communing with nature and people. With Hemingways’ birthday approaching, I recently decided to visit his gravesite here in Ketchum.

A. A. Milne’s memoir to be republished; Jesmyn Ward on racial tension and writing novels; website publishes art and poetry by California death row inmates; and other news.

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Hillary Clinton Memoir, Hemingway’s Cats, and More | Poets & Writers.

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