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Learning Theories

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This free Education essay on Essay: Learning theories - behavioural, social & cultural, constructivism, cognitive is perfect for Education students to use as an example. Therefore, to align teaching approaches to learning theories, it is important for teachers to conduct formative assessment naturally and regularly in the classrooms, which Atkin et al, () reports as being valuable classroom practice.

Attending to the nature of student learning can allow teachers to improve their practice and in turn the quality of the learners’ experience (Macleod & Golby, ). The extremes of this learning theory spectrum are represented by the Behaviourist and Constructivist theories of learning.

Education Essay Writing Service Free Essays. Roger's Humanistic Theory has made positive contributions in the field of teaching and learning and is been applied in various academic institutions.

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In this essay the nursing education will be studied under an application of humanistic theory. Nursing and Healthcare Education: Effective Learning Theories Words | 3 Pages.

Inevitably, learning and teaching have a synergistic relationship, reinforcing the need for teachers to teach with an approach that reflects how students naturally learn (Muijs, ), and subsequently consider the implications of the learning theories on their classroom practice. - Theories of Teaching and Learning and their Impact on the Classroom Environment Although there are many theories of teaching and learning, this essay will be focusing primarily on professionalism, cognition and language, cognitive views of learning and behaviourism, and how they individually and collectively impact the classroom environment.

Theories of learning underpin teachers education essay
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